Polytrade and Credora partner to add Institutional Grade Credit Ratings to the RWA Marketplace

Polytrade, the leading platform for tokenized real-world assets (RWAs), and Credora, an S&P-backed provider of credit risk analysis and ratings, today announced a strategic partnership to integrate Credora’s institutional credit ratings into the Polytrade tokenized RWA marketplace. This collaboration will enhance transparency and investor confidence in the rapidly growing market for tokenized RWAs.

Polytrade provides a secure and efficient platform for users to access real-world assets, such as invoices, loans, royalties, and collectibles. Credora generates comprehensive credit reports on borrowers, leveraging privacy-preserving technology to capture the most current data, and AI technologies to accelerate the credit assessment process.

By integrating Credora’s ratings and reports into the Polytrade platform, investors will gain access to valuable insights into the underlying assets they are considering. This will not only improve transparency and due diligence but also broaden the appeal of tokenized RWAs to a wider range of institutional investors.

“We are excited to partner with Credora to bring institutional-grade credit ratings to the Polytrade marketplace,” said Piyush Gupta, CEO of Polytrade. “Credora’s expertise in technology-driven credit analysis will significantly enhance the trust and confidence of investors in our platform, paving the way for the mainstream adoption of tokenized RWAs.”

Darshan Vaidya, CEO of Credora, added: “Our partnership with Polytrade represents a significant step forward in our mission to democratize access to credit risk insights. By combining our expertise with Polytrade’s innovative platform, we can unlock the full potential of tokenized RWAs and create a more transparent and efficient on-chain RWA ecosystem.”

About Polytrade

Polytrade is a real-world asset company backed by Polygon Labs, Alpha Wave, and Matrix Partners building applications to bring assets on-chain including the ERC-6960 and the RWA Marketplace.  Polytrade operates these platforms as well as custom implementations for institutions.

About Credora

Credora’s mission is to bring transparency and efficiency to digital credit markets, enabling access for new investors. Credora leverages privacy-preserving technology and AI to generate dynamic credit ratings and reports at scale.

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