Marketplace Private Testing Batch-1 Feedback Upgrades

Hello, valued community members! As you know the marketplace was recently launched with private access (Phase -1), supported by The Vanguard, a distinguished, long-term collective of experts, advocates, and visionary thought leaders united by a shared mission to propel RWAs into the mainstream. The testing has been completed by them and as per inspirations based on their feedback, we’re excited to take up a few upgrades for the marketplace.

Here’s what’s new:

Refined Filtering and Seamless Navigation

  • Network-Centric Asset Filtering: Asset search will be tailored by prioritizing specific networks, ensuring precision in your search results.
  • Draft Asset Management: Enables overseeing and organizing draft assets on the ‘My Assets’ page, primed for listing whenever you choose.

Revamped User Interface

  • Redesigned Asset Details Page: An intuitive layout for both primary and secondary assets, introducing a redefined order for a smoother exploration.
  • Modern Aesthetics: Richer visual appeal of enriched strokes, colors, and the introduction of our new font, Averta, infusing a fresh look as it replaces the familiar Roboto.
  • Streamlined Network Filters: A clutter-free experience with removing non-functional network filters, ensuring simplicity in navigation.

New Disclaimers for Added Convenience

  • Login Reminders: Experience a warm welcome each time you step into the marketplace.
  • Asset Relisting Alerts: Stay informed with notifications when relisting an asset.

Some Bug Rectifications

  • Enhanced Asset Image Display: A seamless view as the asset image appears in the ‘Wrap’ pop-up window.
  • Precision in Primary Tags: Primary tags on assets are now accurately portrayed on the asset card.
  • Optimized Search Functionality: Elevated user experience with the newfound ability to delete search strings, enhancing both accuracy and efficiency.

The feedback from batch-1 of testing has not only shaped the present upgrades but serves as a compass guiding us toward an even more dynamic and user-centric RWA experience for you.

Stay tuned for the continuous stream of updates unfolding before us. Thank you for being an indispensable part of our shared journey.

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