Polytrade Partners With The First Modular RWA L2

Polytrade is proud to announce its partnership with Plume Network. Plume is the first modular RWA L2 built to seamlessly bring any real-world asset on-chain. This integration marks a monumental leap forward in asset tokenization and capital onboarding and is poised to push forward the future of RWA trading, empowering projects and investors alike to thrive in the ever-expanding blockchain ecosystem.

As an aggregator and marketplace for RWAs, Polytrade will harness the diverse selection of assets available on Plume. Leveraging Plume’s robust infrastructure, Polytrade will ensure enhanced security, compliance, and streamlined transactions, enriching the overall user experience.

Plume’s multitude of solutions includes a comprehensive, end-to-end integrated technology stack on both the asset and compliance sides.

Plume is driven by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, investors, and operators with extensive experience in both traditional and blockchain finance with backgrounds from industry giants such as Coinbase, Robinhood, Binance, and more.

Key Features of Plume

Integrated Compliance

Plume offers an end-to-end solution, embedding all essential features into the chain to facilitate the seamless onboarding of various capital types while prioritizing user experience and compliance.

Easy Onboarding of Assets

With powerful automation and compliance tools, Plume simplifies the asset onboarding process, ensuring effortless integration of assets on Plume in a simple and compliant manner.

Unrivaled TPS & Instant Settlement

Abstracting away the complexities of the blockchain, Plume Network boasts blazing-fast transactions per second, instant settlement, and minimal fees.

Invest & Trade All RWAs

From treasuries to art, green energy to whiskey, Polytrade and Plume will empower users to build diversified portfolios while earning sustainable yields.

Built on Arbitrum Nitro Stack

Plume leverages the robust Arbitrum Nitro stack, the backbone powering all Arbitrum chains, including Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova, ensuring scalability and reliability.

To learn more about Plume Network and Polytrade, visit:

Plume Network: plume.network

Polytrade: polytrade.finance

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