Polytrade & Horizen EON: Expanding RWAs in the Horizen Ecosystem

Thrilled to announce our second new chain partnership with Horizen EON. The Horizen ecosystems’ focus on creating deep infrastructure for RWAs on its EVM smart contracting platform, Horizen EON, will make it a key player for tokenization and institutional use.

Polytrade and Horizen coming together will open the door to a world where traditional and real-world assets seamlessly connect with the power and innovation of web3.

Key Highlights

The Polytrade Marketplace on Horizen EON brings forth several key advantages:

Native Support for RWAs on the Horizen Ecosystem

Seamless integration with the Horizen ecosystem, ensuring a user-friendly experience for the trading of real-world assets.

Multichain Support via Other Web3 Ecosystems

Polytrade extends its reach beyond Horizen EON, integrating with other web3 ecosystems such as Polygon, Solana, and BNB. This multichain support enhances accessibility and options for users.

Additional Liquidity Source for Users with RWAs

By providing a platform for trading and fractionalization, Polytrade becomes a valuable source of liquidity for users holding Real World Assets.

We are thrilled to be kickstarting the RWA activation on Horizen EON with Polytrade. This collaboration is fueled by a shared passion for bringing real-world assets on-chain amidst an ever-evolving landscape. Joining forces with the Polytrade team will activate the building blocks for RWAs in the Horizen ecosystem and beyond”.

– Jordan Calinoff, VP of Strategy & Revenue, Horizen Labs

About Horizen EON

Horizen EON is an EVM-compatible smart contracting platform and the first of many smart contract sidechains in the Horizen ecosystem. Horizen EON allows developers to efficiently build and deploy DApps on Horizen while benefiting from EVM compatibility. Horizen EON is built with scale and user experiences in mind, on Horizen’s powerful horizontally scaling protocol, Zendoo.

For more information, please visit https://eon.horizen.io and join the Horizen Discord.

About Polytrade

Polytrade is the first global marketplace focused exclusively on tokenized real-world assets. The RWA marketplace uses Polytrade’s ERC-6960 to enhance discovery, consideration, investment, trade, fractionalization, and leverage for assets ranging from real estate, trade finance, commodities, and stocks to physical items such as collectibles and luxury items. Users can use Polytrade as a single gateway to global tokenized opportunities.

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