Polytrade and Kinto Forge a Powerful Alliance For RWAs

Polytrade, a global marketplace exclusively dedicated to RWAs announces its strategic partnership with Kinto, a layer 2 focused on providing safe access to financial services. This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment, bringing together two innovative platforms to unlock unparalleled opportunities for users across DeFi.

Polytrade stands out as a centralized gateway to explore a diverse array of tokenized opportunities, spanning treasury bills, real estate, trade finance, commodities, stocks, collectibles, and more, seamlessly across various blockchains. Polytrade is on a mission to become the “OpenSea for RWAs,” and the integration of the Kinto ecosystem brings us one step closer and marks a significant milestone as the first new chain addition after Polygon and Ethereum.

Kinto, with its emphasis on security, safety, and innovation, unlocks new use cases that were previously unimaginable, and Polytrade’s marketplace will substantially benefit from the robust infrastructure and the thriving RWA ecosystem on Kinto.

What Does This Mean for Polytrade and Kinto Users?

The partnership between Polytrade and Kinto heralds a new era of possibilities for users on both platforms, bringing forth a host of benefits and opportunities.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Kinto’s emphasis on network-wide insurance and KYC processes ensures a higher level of security for users transacting on Polytrade. Polytrade users benefit from the safety measures implemented on the Kinto platform, contributing to a secure and compliant environment for financial interactions.

Mass Adoption

Kinto’s introduction of innovative use cases, such as gasless and keyless wallets, unlocks new possibilities for Polytrade users, streamlining transactions and enhancing the overall user experience. The composability offered by Kinto allows Polytrade users to seamlessly integrate RWA assets with DeFi protocols, creating a more dynamic and interconnected financial ecosystem.

New RWAs

Numerous RWA projects are launching on Kinto, and Polytrade’s marketplace becomes the gateway to visibility and access for all these exciting ventures.

Polytrade’s marketplace becomes a gateway for Kinto users to discover and access new RWA projects launching on the Kinto platform.

Access to Diverse Tokenized Opportunities

For Kinto users, this partnership opens up a world of possibilities. By leveraging Polytrade through their Kinto wallets, users can directly access and explore RWAs.

The synergy between Kinto and Polytrade will pave the way for a more secure, transparent, and user-friendly RWA space.

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