Polytrade and Aurus Pioneer Precious Metals RWAs

Throughout history, precious metals have stood as steadfast repositories of value. Yet, the journey to acquiring these assets is rife with barriers and costs, effectively barring millions from participating in this market.

Polytrade’s marketplace which already features tokenized real estate, collectibles, treasuries, and others, will now offer an enriched opportunity with precious metals using Aurus. Together, Aurus and Polytrade aspire to redefine the RWA market.

Polytrade will list Aurus’ tokenized precious metals – tGOLD (TXAU), tSILVER (TXAG), and tPLATINUM (TXPT) – on the RWA marketplace. This will enable users to purchase Gold, Silver, and Platinum effortlessly within seconds. It’s a simple, secure, and convenient process.

1 tGOLD (tXAU) = 1 gram of 99.99% gold

1 tSILVER (tXAG) = 1 gram of 99.9% silver

1 tPLATINUM (tXPT) = 1 gram of 99.5% platinum

This strategic partnership not only broadens the horizons for tokenized assets but also integrates the stability and reliability of precious metals into the diverse ecosystem of RWAs.

The Polytrade-Aurus association underscores the multiple benefits of asset tokenization, including:

  • Collateralized Loans: Additionally, users will soon be able to use Aurus’s assets as collateral with multiple Polytade lending partners.
  • Reduced Costs: Minimizing administrative expenses to ensure a higher portion of investments directly impacts assets.
  • Global Reach: Transcending geographical boundaries, offering global access to a diverse array of assets including precious metals.

Features of Tokenized Precious Metals at Aurus

Secure Storage in Vaulted Bullions

  • Aurus precious metal tokens are fully backed by physical bullion, ensuring reliability and safety.
  • Each token is backed 1:1 by one gram of gold, silver, or platinum.
  • Decentralized storage in highly secure vaults across global locations such as Zurich, London, Montreal, Istanbul, and Singapore.
  • Industry-leading standards upheld with billions sourced from LBMA, DMCC, and LPPM-accredited refineries, guaranteeing top quality and integrity.
  • Redeemable for physical products through established precious metal partners.

Speedy and Convenient Transactions

  • Highly divisible tokens, divisible up to the 18th decimal point, enabling the purchase and transfer of fractional grams with ease.
  • Instant settlements at minimal costs are facilitated by Polygon.

Affordable and Stable Prices

  • Aurus tokens maintain stable market prices as they are backed by real precious metals.
  • When the value of precious metals rises, the value of your token increases accordingly.
  • Tokens can be transferred at meager costs on Polygon.

About Aurus

Aurus bridges the traditional precious metals industry with the cryptocurrency market through blockchain-based tokenization. By establishing a decentralized ecosystem of partners, Aurus facilitates secure and convenient buying, trading, and earning of tokenized precious metals such as Gold, Silver, and Platinum for individuals.

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