Flexible $TRADE Staking Master Guide

First to Hold, First to Stake, First to Thrive

Welcome to the $TRADE community staking rewards program.

The community can now stake your $TRADE tokens without any commitment, allowing you to maintain full control of your assets while earning rewards effortlessly. The staking is live on the Polygon PoS network offering seamless participation, community rewards, and endless possibilities.


This is a single-staking program, offering the following features:

  • No Maximum Limit: Stake as many tokens as you desire. There’s no limit to your potential rewards!
  • No Minimum APR: Our rewards system is designed to benefit all participants, regardless of the amount staked. Daily rewards are set for the entire pool, and APRs vary dynamically based on the pool size.
  • Endless Pool: Our rewards pool is replenished continuously, ensuring sustainable rewards for our dedicated community. Note: We reserve the right to close the pool once rewards reach a certain threshold.
  • No-lock-in: Your deposited tokens remain liquid and accessible at all times.

How to Get Started?

  1. Visit https://lnk.polytrade.finance/staking
  2. Connect your wallet to get started
  3. Choose the $TRADE deposit amount and click on the ‘deposit’ button
  4. You should be able to check details of the pool like – ‘APR, Your Staked TRADE, Rewards Available to Claim’

Your $TRADE is staked now. Sit back, relax, and watch your rewards grow as you actively participate in our community.

To withdraw your staked tokens, simply enter the desired amount and initiate the withdrawal process at your convenience. Please note that deposits and withdrawals solely pertain to the principal amount.

For the claim rewards, press the ‘claim’ button.

$TRADE’s Mainnet Address on Polygon: 0x54AE624023250c4b416C54Fd4dACC3D7a2c75bB6

How Do the Rewards Work?

The community rewards program distributes a set daily kitty to the entire staking pool. Hence, the annualized reward changes with the size of the pool. The APR at any point in time can be seen on the dashboard.

Here’s a hypothetical example to demonstrate how the APR of the single staking $TRADE pool could be calculated. Let’s assume the following:

  • Total reward kitty over a specific period (e.g., one month): $50,000
  • The total value of tokens staked in the pool: $500,000

APR = (50,000/500,000) x 365

= 0.1 x 365

= 36.5%

Please note that this is a simplified example, and actual APR calculations will vary based on the amount staked, staked time, and reward kitty.

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