Boosted $TRADE LP Returns on Camelot with Nitro

Last week, $TRADE debuted on Arbitrum. We’re thrilled to offer even more avenues for boosting your $TRADE returns. $TRADE is now available on Camelot’s Nitro Pools! This means – extra rewards on your already staked $TRADE on Arbitrum. Haven’t had your share of $TRADE on Arbitrum? Here’s how you can become an LP:

To know more on how to buy $TRADE on Arbitrum, and bridge your assets from other chains to Arbitrum go through this guide:

Now what are Nitro pools on Camelot, and how can you leverage them to optimize your returns on $TRADE?

Nitro pools serve as specialized liquidity pools on Camelot, offering participants the opportunity to earn extra rewards on top of their existing LP fees. To participate, you must deposit your staked positions (or spNFTs) in the TRADE LP pool into the Nitro pool.

Turn your TRADE-USDT spNFT into rewards by staking it in the Nitro pool here. Click deposit to stake the LP position:

Once deposited, you become eligible to receive ARB incentives directly to your Nitro pools. These incentives are distributed based on the amount of liquidity provided by each participant and can significantly boost overall returns.

In Summary: At Camelot, each LP has its staking positions, which users can acquire by wrapping LP tokens, essentially depositing them into the relevant contract. Users who create a staking position transfer their deposit to a specific corresponding NFTPool contract. In return, they receive a staking position NFT, akin to a deposit receipt. These NFT receipts serve as the sole authorization for users to withdraw the corresponding funds, regardless of who initially deposited them. Thus, the owner of an spNFT effectively becomes the owner of the corresponding LP tokens, even if they weren’t the original depositor.

TRADE-USDT spNFT Nitro Pool Overview:

*You can also use the APY calculator to get your Nitro Estimates on Deposit USD value, Projected ARB earnings, Projected $TRADE earnings, Projected earnings value, and Projected APY.

*You can also supply rewards to the stakers of the pool in ARB and TRADE.

*Top up your Nitro pool directly through the Camelot by clicking on the small “+” icons next to your pending rewards.

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