Polynomial Monthly Check-in: May 2024

The month of May started bang on for us. Just after opening the marketplace for the whitelist phase, 4000+ fresh assets made their way to the marketplace!

Here’s a look back at everything that’s happening with Polytrade.

The whitelist launch was followed by 5 mega RWA draws – a chance to win a shiny Rolex, cool collectibles, commodities like Gold and Silver, and a basket of RWAs.

$TRADE had been the MVP with being live on DWF Labs Liquid Markets to achieving another milestone of over 5 million $TRADE being staked, representing nearly 15% of the circulating supply of 36 million $TRADE.

2 new $TRADE + USDC pools went live on Timeswap.

Our partner Tiamonds, sold off its entire limited edition collection on the marketplace.

And it doesn’t end here. We partnered with Forbes, taking their mission of empowering builders of RWAs and web3 forward. Offered the community first access to Forbes Legacy Pass that comes with multitude of benefits, due to be minted in June.

Highlight of the month: The marketplace being shaken up by art. 6 legendary artists painted the world of Phygitals with exclusive drops on Polytrade. Exciting to see art as an exceptional piece of RWAs.

The month has ended with a powerful mention for Polytrade by Mastercard sharing some updates on their MTN network.

Partnerships This Month


Partnered with APAC DAO as we expand to Asia to bring RWAs to the mainstream.


Polytrade and Aconomy team up to introduce luxury real-world assets on Polytrade, with Aconomy serving as a preferred partner for vaulting, auditing, and tokenization of physical RWAs.

Estate Protocol

Joining hands with Estate Protocol to offer tokenized real estate, advancing toward the ultimate hub for RWAs, with fractional investment openings in Dubai, Miami, Paris, and NYC.


Collaborating with YAKDAO, the pioneering recreational property DAO, to democratize RWA access with high-yield investment opportunities in recreational properties.


Uniting forces with JRNE to redefine luxury standards via web3, offering an exclusive opportunity to co-create unique treasures.

Special Mentions

We’re coming to Vietnam Blockchain Week, if you’re around don’t forget to drop by: https://lu.ma/cye1mof3

That’s it for now, see you next month!

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