First of Many External Rewards for the Polytrade Community

Bringing you the first external rewards opportunity along with Aurus, StrikeX, and Condo — an exclusive airdrop of 100M CONDO. This collaborative endeavor aims to reward active participants and enthusiasts while fostering engagement within the Polytrade ecosystem. Here’s everything you need to know about this:

About the Airdrop

The airdrop will unfold through a series of four quests, each progressively unlocking on a weekly basis, starting from May 14th. Participants need to accumulate experience points (XPs), with each quest offering 100 XPs. The mechanism operates on a leaderboard format, where the top 300 participants with the highest XPs will receive rewards.

Journey to Rewards

To be eligible for rewards, participants must diligently accumulate XPs across all four quests – Polytrade, Aurus, StrikeX, and Condo. The leaderboard will be closely monitored, and special bonuses await the top three positions of the leaderboard.

Exclusive Privileges for Polytrade Leaderboard, Reflections Holders

Polytraders are in for a treat with special privileges tailored for them.

  • Top ranks of the Polytrade’s leaderboard will be granted an exclusive Condo Pass, which will be airdropped to your Loyalty Portal wallet offering them a significant advantage. Specifically, all participants surpassing 2600XP (adjusted for additional Secret XP) will qualify for this exclusive pass. To check if you got the NFT airdrop, check your wallet for this NFT contract (0x4ba01A966E6EBF270A89aD1ebaE1b21ab2e971E9)
  • For holders of Reflections NFTs, there’s an additional pathway to ascend the leaderboard. By leveraging your Reflections NFT directly, you can get ahead in the quest for rewards.
  • Apart from the above 2, all other tasks in the quest can be done by anyone. This gives both Reflections and Leaderboard Pass winners a significant advantage in the overall quest, virtually paving the way for victory. It pays to be a Polytrader.

In Summary

Quest link:

Start: 14th May

End: 10th June

Quest Unlock Schedule:

  • 14th May – Polytrade
  • 21st May – Aurus
  • 28th May – StrikeX
  • 4th June – Condo

Rewards: 100M Condo

Winners: Top 300

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