Recap of RWAs Assemble Spaces on X

As you all know, we’ve started our X Space Series – RWAs Assemble, where we interact with our fellow RWA Tokenization and DeFi comrades, and in the process share countless insights and technicalities about RWA Tokenization from Real Estate to Private Credit, T-bills, and more.

We have concluded 4 chapters and will provide a TLDR; of all chapters. Full versions are available below:

1. Collectibles

Read the conversation – RWAs Assemble: Collectibles Chapter with Galileo Protocol, Boson Protocol, Unikura, and 4K Protocol

2. Private Credit

Read the conversation – RWAs Assemble: Private Credit Chapter with Goldfinch, Maple, Clearpool

3. T-bills

Read the conversation – RWAs Assemble: T-bills Chapter with Matrixport, Ondo Finance, OpenEden

4. Real Estate

Read the conversation – RWAs Assemble: Real Estate Chapter with Coded Estate, Blocksquare, Propy

5. With Teller, Pine, Swarm, Obligate, and Defactor –

Read the conversation – RWAs Assemble with Teller, Pine Protocol, Swarm Markets, Obligate, and Defactor

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